01-01-17 A New Year


My savages = my loves.

Two years ago I decided to do a 365 blog. I had never attempted anything like it in the past, but my sister-in-law had done one and I loved that at the end of the year she had an irreplaceable record of every day of her family for an entire year. I was impressed that she had never missed a day, and I had spent the year reading about the adventures of her family. When I started mine I wasn’t even sure if I had the discipline to follow through, but 767 posts later, I am still writing. This blog took on a life of its own, treading into topics I never imagined attempting and challenging me with subjects that I was honestly afraid to tackle.

Through it all there were two topics I did not broach… My Job, because I work in a professional environment and did not think it was appropriate, and any difficulties in my marriage because marriage is a sacred institution that needs to be a place of trust and confidence. And while writing about my children and our adventures and mishaps, I have strived to be honest and yet spare my kids future embarrassment. I pray I have been successful with that.

I’m not sure what this year will bring, or if I will continue to write daily, but I am hoping to be here often, continuing this tradition.

Thank you for joining me as we continue Eating With Savages! 

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