01-02-17 Money Bob-boo-wah

“Money Bob-boo-wah???” Baby E pleaded with me as I was making breakfast this morning. “Money Bob-boo-wah!!!”

“I’m sorry, honey, we don’t have any.”


“Yes, if I can find some.”


Toddlers have a language all their own, and consider yourself blessed if you are able to translate their foreign tongue. When Big E was a toddler, he used to babble at me and I had a very hard time understanding him, so I would turn to C and she would translate for me. Somehow she completely understood just about everything that came out of his mouth and once she would say it, it would start to make sense to me as well. Now that Baby E has his own language, I sometimes turn to the big kids for their translating skills. C is of little help because she spends every day at school, so she hasn’t caught onto the intricacies of his dialect, and Big E merely tells me what he wants Baby E to be saying, not actually what Baby E is saying.

So in spite of their ‘help,’ I have gotten pretty good at translating him.

So I am compiling a small ‘Baby E to English’ dictionary should you find yourself in a one on one conversation with Baby E and you are a little rusty on your toddler-ese.

Bob-Boo-Wha- Lollipop

Money- More

Lay-Low- Later

Litty Litty Litty- Kitty

Meal- Oatmeal

Doo-Doo – Downstairs or Upstairs (you’ll need context clues for that one.)

Wannee- Water

Malm- Milk

Cargo- Car

Offensive curse word- Truck

I wanna + offensive curse word- Another Truck (My sincerest apologies on this one. Yikes!)

YiYa- Big E

Charree- C

Doe-nee- Doughnut

Fair-fane– Airplane

Mean Up- Clean Up

So there you have it, you will no longer be ill prepared to speak with our tiniest savage. Good luck and godspeed.

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