01-12-17 Flat Stanley

Around Thanksgiving, C came home with a project that needed to be completed by the beginning of January. The information that came with it explained that the children were going to be studying geography and one of the ways they would do that was with “Flat Stanley.” Flat Stanley is a character in a book that gets flattened and then realizes he can travel anywhere he wants because he is so compact. (I think. Honestly, I skimmed.) The paper asked us to either send or take Flat Stanley somewhere over the holidays and get pictures of him in his new environment. Then we needed to return him to school with the photos and the kids would see where all the Flat Stanleys travelled.

Well, I have a sweet cousin and her husband that live in Grass Valley, CA so we decided to send Flat Stanley out west. He had a great time taking in all the sights. He visited some family, took in the cultural scene, and did some historic research. He came back no worse for wear, with some wonderful pictures of his adventures!

Grass Valley is a small gold mining town located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s about half way between Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV.

courtyard-of-mom-dads-placeFlat Stanley visiting my aunt and uncle’s house!our-backyardHanging out in my cousin’s back yard.downtown-grass-valley-x-masDowntown Grass Valley at Christmas Timedowntown-gv-del-oro-theaterDowntown Grass Valley, Del Oro Theatergrass-valley-mining-museum-1Grass Valley Mining Museumgrass-valley-mining-museum-2Grass Valley Mining Museumgrass-valley-mining-museum-3Grass Valley Mining Museumgrass-valley-mining-museum-4Grass Valley Mining Museumnevada-county-fairgroundsNevada County Fairgrounds Entrance
the-gentle-giantThe Gentle Giant- a Draft Horse, historically used for logging.

Thanks to Sue for being a good sport and hosting Flat Stanley over the holidays!!

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