01-18-17 The long awaited liberation of my finger!

Six weeks is a long time- a really long time when your dominant hand isn’t working properly! Thankfully the broken finger didn’t interfere with my ability to edit, but it got in the way of just about everything else- from washing dishes, washing my own hair, chopping vegetables, using scissors, my handwriting, etc.

Well, today was the big reveal.

The doctor took off the splint and there it was, my precious finger, looking somewhat bedraggled after six weeks in the splint. The finger is still slightly swollen, and unfortunately, still slightly bent. The doctor had warned me several visits ago that it would likely not ever go back to normal, but I guess I hadn’t prepped myself that it would look different from here on out.

Also, it doesn’t move. Which makes sense because it was immobile for six weeks. So I have to start physical therapy on it in a few weeks. He said I should regain most of my mobility. We’ll see exactly what ‘most’ means as we move forward.

So while I am bummed that it won’t return to its former glory,  I am thankful that I can start working with it!


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