01-21-17 Now we hunker down…

So remember yesterday when I told you I had only gotten three hours of sleep? I was so happy to have Tim at home last night, and while he was feeling under the weather and went to bed early, I felt confident about taking some medicine and going to bed. No sooner had I swallowed my Tylenol PM (the pills probably hadn’t even reached my stomach yet) I heard Big E crying upstairs. I headed up and as I neared his bedroom I heard a gush of liquids.

Oh no… 

I open the door and there is vomit everywhere… the floor, his bedding, his body. And it’s still coming. Both of us traumatized I moved him into the bathroom and cleaned him up. Then I cleaned up his room and remade his bed. I got him in bed with a bowl next to his head. As I closed the door I hoped it was a fluke and he’d sleep through the night.

Well dear friends, it wasn’t a fluke. 

Poor Big E was vomiting every twenty minutes without fail from 10:30 last night until 5:30 this morning. EVERY TWENTY MINUTES!!! 

Ugh, it was disgusting and the poor child was miserable. And so tired. He’d throw up, hand me the bowl to rinse it and when I would return to his room he’d be half asleep again. I’d make my way back to my couch-bed after thoroughly washing and hand sanitizing and then hand sanitizing myself again and crawl under the covers, only to hear him calling me again.

So, needless to say, I didn’t actually get any sleep last night. At around 7am, Tim got up to take the day shift with the kids and I crawled into bed, where I spent the majority of the day. By this evening Big E was finally starting to perk up. He’s definitely on the mend. 🙂

But now we hunker down until this thing runs its course. I’m praying that if it hits anyone else, it does it soon so we can just get it over with, but preferably it would be wonderful if we could just be done!

2 thoughts on “01-21-17 Now we hunker down…

  1. why, oh why does it usually hit during the night?! i was so relieved that the last round actually came during the day for us…well, not for me, but for the two littles! praying you stay “safe”


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