01-27-17 The Stop

I saw him when I passed by the first time and made a mental note that he was there. I had a quick errand to run moments from my house, and I knew there would be no way to avoid him on the way back. Hopefully he would be gone when I returned.

On my return trip I saw him at once, and held my breath as I passed him. I’ve had a headlight out for the better part of a week, but with the rough week we had, I never got a chance to deal with it. I checked my speed, confident he at least wouldn’t catch me on that. Once past, I kept checking my rear view to see if he would move. A car was about a hundred yards behind me, and if he would just catch up, maybe I’d be OK. 

But no luck, I saw the black and white cruiser pull out from its position. Here we go. The kids had been arguing and screaming for the past few minutes and I let them continue as I watched the cruiser get closer and closer. My speed was still good.

After about eight blocks, the lights turned on. Sigh. I pulled over and waited for him to come to my window. Finally out of curiosity the kids became silent. I rolled down my window. 

Do you know you have a headlight out? I nodded that I did. And one of your break lights? That I didn’t know about, but I guess it was one light  too many and he asked for my license and registration. He seemed in a hurry as he took my license, and opting to not wait for the registration, he rushed back to his cruiser. Ninety seconds later he was back at my window handing me my license and a printed warning. I have to go! He said urgently as he pushed them towards me. He ran back to his car and drove off. 

A warning. Thank goodness. With the van moving again, the kids peppered me with questions the rest of the way home, wondering why he had been so mean to pull us over when I hadn’t done anything wrong. 

I was quick to correct them. He was right to pull us over. It’s his job to keep people safe. 

Officers put their lives on the line everyday, often for people would never return the favor. I’m grateful our community has a strong, positive police presence, and a warning about headlights seems a small inconvenience to pay.

Thank you to those who serve!  

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