02-02-17 Cover Your Mouth!

“You really need to learn to cover your mouth when you cough,” the doctor snapped at Baby E as he walked in the door. We had been waiting nearly an hour to be seen, and Baby E’s patience had long since vanished. It was past his bedtime, he had shoveled a few chicken nuggets into his mouth moments before our appointment and his eyes were red rimmed. He was done.

I stood there momentarily startled. He’s joking, right? I mean, Baby E is two. Coughing into his arm is something we have been teaching Baby E for the past few weeks, and about half of the time he remembers to do it on his own, but like I said, he’s two, so his little body doesn’t always know when a cough is coming.

But the doctor wasn’t joking. He just stared at Baby E as if he carried the plague. I held my tongue and smiled. Let’s just do this.

Baby E’s sitter mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well. He didn’t seem awful when I picked him up, but since we are nearing a weekend, I thought it was good to have him looked at.  Partially out of laziness, I decided not to drive the extra twenty minutes and battle walk in hours at the pediatrician’s office. I called and made an appointment at the urgent care closer to home.

Thirty seconds into my visit I was regretting my decision, longing to be sitting in the familiar pediatrician’s office, with doctors I know and trust with my kids. The majority of our visit was spent with the doctor talking down to me, ordering me on how to hold Baby E to get the best ear exam, and sternly rebuking me that I’ve never gotten him ear tubes. Thank you dear sir, but this isn’t my first rodeo. This is my third kid, and the one kid I hover over in the ‘sick’ department because I know he can go from ok- to bad- to really bad pretty quickly. I’ve discussed all these things with his own doctor, whom I trust implicitly. I just needed to know if he had an ear infection so I could get him on antibiotics pronto.

The final verdict-

Double ear infection.

Possible Pink Eye

Antibiotics and Eye Drops

And one condescending conversation that I shouldn’t be afraid to leave my county to have my child seen at a big city hospital, because clearly I don’t know what I’m doing.

Prescriptions filled.

Cranky children brought home and put to bed.

10 pm dinner for mommy.

The end.



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