02-13-17 Unexpected Isolation

The wind howled last night as it whipped through our neighborhood, dragging toys and trashcans as it went. The windows vibrated and I could hear the high pitched squeal of air coming through at the crack around the door. It woke me up from a dead sleep and I found myself thankful that we don’t live around any large trees. I had to go outside once when I heard several of the kids toys dragging along the sidewalk. I didn’t want them to damage anyone’s cars.

I checked my phone to see the time, and it registered in at midnight. I sent a quick text to a friend and then the phone died. No heads up, no warning, just dead. After some time with tech support online, my phone company decided to send me a new phone, which should arrive tomorrow.

So an unexpected isolation started today. It’s a strange thing to be so reliant on a piece of technology. In our younger years, we were forced to be so much more resilient and adaptable because the information we needed wasn’t always at our fingertips, but now we have gotten used to not waiting, and the thought of being unreachable can be a bit overwhelming. The day gave me a good chance to enjoy some quiet and step away as much as possible from the constant flow of information that often invades my time. It was an enjoyable sort of solitude.


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