02-16-17 The Bus Stop

I couldn’t hear the sound of her crying, but I knew that she was. She stared at me through the bus window, tears running down her cheeks, her eyes unblinking. My heart sank as the bus pulled away, that was a terrible way to part. I waved at her bus, unsure if she could still see me, but hoping that if she did it would make a difference. Just moments prior she had clung to my waist as the bus pulled up. I had to pry her off of me and carry her to the open door. She turned around to cling again and I hugged her and nudged her towards the line of other children waiting their turn to climb the stairs.

We had had a rough morning, brought on mostly in part because she stayed up too late the night before. Couple that with her absolute disdain for the current medication she is on for her ear infection and our morning really didn’t stand a chance.

In an attempt to cheer our little girl up, Tim stopped by her school this morning and had lunch with her before heading off to work. I wish I could have seen the look of surprise and delight that swept over her face at the sight of him!

Tonight C and I sat down and talked about this morning and what had gone wrong. She said she was so upset because she missed me and didn’t want to leave me. Naturally this broke my heart and I promised her that we would have a date very soon, just the two of us, so we can get some precious time together.

So if you see me out with my sweet little girl one evening, pardon me if I don’t stop and chat, but I’ll have eyes only for her!




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