02-19-17 Broken or Not Broken?


We certainly can’t say things have been dull in our house as of late and today was no exception. Big E was playing with his cousins last night when he jumped down three stairs and landed with his toes underneath his foot. He was in a lot of pain and for the rest of the evening, he wouldn’t use his foot.

Tim and I hoped that by today he would be up and walking, but instead he has been crawling everywhere he needs to go. Every time I would try to have him walk, as soon as he would put weight on that foot he would collapse. So this evening I took him to the local urgent care to have it looked at.

They were great with him and he really enjoyed the chance to get a ‘picture’ of his bones. He was so proud of himself and it completely made his evening that they not only let him look at the x-rays on their screen, but they printed one out for him to take home.

Thankfully the doctor informed us that his foot was not broken and that he likely just hurt some ligaments. They wrapped his foot and told us to keep weight off of it for a few days.

By the time we got home he was excited to show daddy his picture, his wrapped foot, and tell him all about how brave he was when he got his x-rays. He was very excited that he had gotten to do something that his older sister hadn’t done yet. He’s asleep now, all cozy with a wrapped up foot. Hopefully in a few days he will be back to running around!




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