02-26-17 Good Bye John Denver…

Big E has been sporting a John Denver haircut for months now. I’ve asked him time and again if I can cut his hair, but he has always insisted that he likes it long. In recent weeks he developed a full on mullet, so I started finding creative ways to broach the subject. One day I heard him talk about how cool it would be to have brown hair. I mentioned that the tips of his hair were blond, but nearer to his scalp the hair was brown. I suggested that he consider cutting it to make it look more brown. That seemed to do the trick, and this evening he finally let Tim cut it!


And once Baby E caught wind that his big brother was getting a haircut, he begged to have his done as well. So this evening, Baby E had  his very first haircut. It was hard to see the pile of blond curls sitting on the ground, and I admit that his new haircut makes his head seem even larger (is that even possible?!?!) but he does still look pretty adorable (and a little less homeless!)






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