03-01-17 The Tale of the Forgotten Key

I pulled up to my house last evening as the rain was starting to fall in earnest. The temperature had been dropping and the sun was already down. As I put the van in park, I peered through the streaks in my windshield at my darkened front door.

I don’t have a key.

The thought flashed quickly through my mind as I replayed my chaotic morning. I had made the mistake of taking the key off my keychain over the weekend, and it had not yet made its way back on. But perhaps Tim had left one for me. I hesitated, but finally stepped out into the rain and scoured for a hidden key. The water was running through my hair, soaking through my clothes. I could hear the children bickering and fighting in the van as they waited for me to open the door. To no avail, there was no key.

I ran back to the van to find Baby E in full out wailing, and the other kids glancing at him nervously as I got in. What’s wrong with Baby E?

We were playing a game with this, C responded as she held up a bright orange tie down rope, the kind you use to attach something to the roof of your vehicle. From the end dangled a large metal clasp of some sort. I was trying to throw this to Big E… But I missed. 

What did you hit?? I asked.

It accidentally hit Baby E in the head. It was an accident. 

I looked over to Baby E, tears soaking his cheeks. My goodness that must have hurt. I rubbed his head and looked for a bump and tried to comfort him as I contemplated both his bruised head and our locked door. When he finally calmed down, I began making phone calls in search of an extra key. Thankfully only about ten minutes passed before I actually got a hold of one, and I was grateful that my sister in law was around and could let us into our home.

Once inside, dripping wet, our evening only went downhill from there. With everyone overly hungry and tired, there were plenty of tantrums and outbursts before finally getting everyone in bed.

With last night fresh in my memory, I opted that we stay in this evening and have a quick dinner and early bedtime. Surprisingly, the evening went smoothly, and the children and I had a wonderful time. Here’s to hoping another good night’s sleep will keep the tantrums at bay.






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