03-07-17 Mommy Bucket List



There are certain activities that fall under the category of things you should or will do with your children, but one time should be enough. 

I call it the Mommy Bucket List and today I can check off one of them.

Taking all three children to the dentist by myself

I hadn’t actually planned to do this particular task on my own, but my dear husband got home very late last night so I decided to let him get more than three hours of sleep by taking the kids by myself. I had been dreading the outing mainly because Baby E had never been to the dentist, and I was pretty sure he would have a total meltdown.

Much to my surprise he actually enjoyed the visit to the dentist. He marched in there like he owned the place, went straight to the dental chair, crawled up, and sat down in it like he knew exactly what was going on. For a boy who usually shies away from strangers, he was happy and chatty with all the ladies in the office and sat still while they cleaned and examined his teeth. I’m pretty sure he thought the water squirting tool was purely for drinking, as he sat in the chair as the dentist shot streams of water into his open mouth and he gulped down as much as he could. When he was done, I let him choose which sibling would go next (he chose Big E) and then he spent the rest of the visit asking when it would be his turn again. After we left he kept asking to go back to the Dentist House.

Big E did great and didn’t squirm or complain. C was not nearly as amused by the visit, and she was visibly nervous, though she held it together pretty well. It helped that they gave the kids balloons and stickers for being so patient.

The good news was that we were cavity free across the board! Wahoo!!

With that said, let’s play a game. Count how many things you can check off of the Mommy Bucket List and total them up. Then let me know what your number is!

  1. Dentist visit with all of your children at once.
  2. Grocery shopping with all of your children right before dinnertime.
  3. Picking your child’s nose because you couldn’t find a tissue.
  4. Getting pulled over with your children in the backseat.
  5. Using a public restroom while your child is loudly announcing a play by play of your bathroom activities.
  6. Take all of your children to IKEA, bonus point if you go at nap time.
  7. Go out to a nice restaurant with the entire family.
  8. Play monopoly with small children.
  9. Cave and give your children dessert before dinner. (Trust me, they will remember the next day. And the day after that. And all the days into eternity.)
  10. Wipe someone else’s bum until wiping someone else’s bum no longer has shock value.

There you have it. I scored an 8. How about you??? What’s your score? Also, anything you would add to the list?



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