03-18-17 One more day!


At 6:52 pm tomorrow my dear sweet boy will turn five. Five years I have had the honor and privilege of being his mother. His kind and gentle heart never ceases to amaze me and I am as proud as a mother can possibly be. He is my handsome pants and the one I can rely on to put a smile on my face. He is genuine, sweet, and incredibly kind.

For his fifth birthday we decided to get him a bicycle. Big E had been riding a pink three wheeler for way longer than necessary, but he thought it was an awesome little bike that was the fastest mode of transportation possible. He was so proud of it. But as he got way too big for it, he graduated to another small bike that a friend of us had given. I noticed a few months ago that he seemed to be outgrowing it.

Yesterday I went on a great bicycle hunt and came across the one that I knew he would absolutely love…


Big E is a huge Spiderman fan and I knew this would be a hit. I even topped it off with a Spiderman bike helmet. This evening we had the neighbor cousins over for cake and presents and when it was time to give him the bike he opened the front door and saw it sitting on the sidewalk. I absolutely loved his response. He was so genuinely happy and excited. It didn’t take long to get the new helmet on and Big E was zipping around the parking lot with a huge smile on his face!


A completely perfect evening!


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