03-29-17 Blessings in the Mess

Day four of crazy high fevers has come to an end. Big E spiked to 104.5 this afternoon and I called the pediatrician just to make sure I didn’t need to take any additional steps. He said as long as he isn’t having problems breathing and is acting normal (you know, normal for being sick) then he should be fine. He said it might take an additional 24 hours for the antibiotic to kick in. I’m incredibly grateful to my mother in law who has agreed to take him tomorrow so that I can get back to work.

This evening, after the ibuprofen had kicked in and he had begged to eat Doritos and pizza, I took the kids for a long walk. Well, C and I walked, Big E rode in the stroller. I was hoping that the fresh air would do him some good. We spent about 45 minutes out and Big E kept begging to get out of the stroller so that he could run around. Much to his disappointment I only let him walk next to me. No running when you’ve been sporting a 104+ fever, kid.

It’s almost time for me to sneak in and give him a little more medicine before I head to bed. I’m praying that the fever breaks soon and his little body has a chance to heal. Poor little guy!

Meanwhile, Baby E is having a blast visiting his grandparents. We spoke briefly on the phone, but he’s two, and his tooth brush was more interesting, but that’s alright. I’m looking forward to having him home in a few days. The kids miss him as well.

Meanwhile this morning after I got C on the bus I was standing outside our house talking to a mother of a child that rides the bus with C. We were in mid conversation when I looked over and noticed that someone had lopped off all of the daffodils from my garden. Granted there weren’t many, perhaps three, but daffodils are my favorites and I was disappointed that they were gone. (oh, and I’m using the term garden very loosely. Ha!) This evening I couldn’t make it to church because of Big E’s fever, but a friend sent these wonderful daffodils home to me and I think they are just perfect… in fact, probably more beautiful than the ones in my yard! Thank you for that. I feel so blessed that so many people have reached out to us over the past two weeks while we’ve been dealing with all these illnesses. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you aren’t alone. Thank you!



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