04-28-17 Thank You! 

I want to start off by saying thank you for all the sweet and kind birthday wishes I received today. It was a wonderful day and I truly feel loved and blessed. 

This past year has been a little challenging, to say the least, but it has also been incredibly full and beautiful. I’ve developed closer relationships, and learned so much about myself and the importance of community. I’ve been reminded over and over again of the goodness of God and seen his provision first hand in my life. And I continually feel Him pushing me past my comfort zone to do things that both challenge and scare me. For all this I am extremely grateful!

I got home to some very happy children. We had dinner, ate cake, and opened presents. Tim got me a Young Living starter kit, which I have had my eye on for like a year, so I’m very excited about that. 

I’m sure I’ll be asking for lots of advice about this kit over the next few months! 🙂

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