05-15-17 Three Things

There’s a game that we play in our house called “Three Things.” It’s usually a game that I break out when we are having a hard day or struggling to get along. Each person gets to choose a family member and they have to tell them three things that they love about that person. Usually, by the time everyone has their turn, we are all feeling much better about ourselves and our relationships with each other. This game works great between the kids and has ended quite a few arguments.

Months ago, while we were playing the game we decided to draw the three things instead of just saying them. I had C’s name, so on a piece of paper I wrote the following three statements and included drawings to illustrate them.

  1. C gives good hugs.
  2. C loves Jesus
  3. C is my best girl!

She loved the drawing so much, she asked me that evening to tape it to the wall next to her bed so that she could look at it. I happily obliged. And there it stayed for a long time… until we had an argument one evening and she ripped it off the wall, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it on the floor. When she finally came around, she picked it off the floor, smoothed it out, and asked me to hang it again. This has happened a couple of more times. This evening, after a particularly bad night, she came storming into the kitchen and handed me this note, written of all places on the back of that drawing…

Point Blur_May152017_203437

So here’s the deal… this piece of paper is looking pretty rough. It’s been crumpled, stomped on, tossed, written on, and thrown… and tonight while she is sleeping, I will be hanging it again. Because I want her to remember those three things. I want her to open her eyes in the morning and see it, and remember that I love her. I love her when she’s angry, when she’s scared, when she wants to pick a fight. I love her when she is disobedient. I love her when she says she doesn’t love me. I love her in the happy moments and in the hard ones. I love her. I always will.

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