06-05-17 A Hard Lesson

The boys are still visiting their grandparents, so this evening it was just me and C. We ate dinner, watched some TV, read a story, and then got ready for bed. In the absence of the chaos that all three children produce when together, C and I had a great opportunity to sit together and just talk. It didn’t take long for her to tell me about the friends in her class and how they each rank their friends based on who is their favorite. 

With a sad look on her face she told me that she wasn’t anyone’s number one friend. She said she didn’t mind if she was ranked at number two, but most of her friends put her at three or four​. There is one friend who will only play with her if she’s allowed to make up the rules. If C asks to make the rules, her friend reminds her that she won’t play anymore.

If you just heard a loud crashing noise, that was the sound of this mama’s heart breaking. 

My sweet girl who stands up for everyone feels like no one stands up for her. As she unburdened her heart this evening, I held her and listened. She’d ask for advice and I’d give it to her. She’d recount various scenarios for me. And she kept saying, ” I just don’t understand.”

I don’t either, sweet girl. I don’t either. 

Before I left her room, I held her hands and prayed with her and as I opened my eyes I noticed she was fast asleep…

My prayer for my sweet girl is that she never defines her self worth by the words and actions of other people. I pray she finds her value in the constant and unchanging love of her Heavenly Father, and that as her parents, we can strive to remind her of that value each and every day. 

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