06-07-17 Anxiety and Panic…

I didn’t get much warning when my panic attack hit the other day. Tim and I had swapped cars in the morning and as I drove his car to work it started acting funny. By the time I pulled into the parking lot I was feeling pretty anxious about it, and about twenty minutes later I felt the panic set it.

Thankfully panic attacks have become a relatively rare occurrence, usually only a few times a year, but when they do happen I always forget that it takes me a few days to shake the feeling of them, so this week has been a bit bumpy.

I’m thankful for a wonderful support system that I can text or call in a heartbeat, whom I can trust to immediately start praying for me and form the thoughts and requests that I can’t in those moments.

Anxiety stinks, and panic attacks are pretty awful. Most people who have them don’t talk much about them, because let’s be honest, during a panic attack, we really aren’t at our finest. It took me years before I could acknowledge them in public. When I had my first one I didn’t know anyone that dealt with them. Well, I should rephrase that, I had no idea I was surrounded by people that had them, but hid them so well I never knew. So, I felt incredibly alone and isolated. So if you’ve ever had a panic attack, know you are in good company and if you need to talk about it, need some prayer, or just need to have a safe place to panic, let me know. I’m here! 🙂



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