06-22-17 New Car Smell

So I mentioned last week that I was in a car accident. I was on my way home, taking a route I don’t normally take unless traffic is really backed up on the main drive. I was in the far left lane, and as I was driving I noticed that up ahead there was a line of cars that seemed to be braking pretty quickly. I wasn’t following close, and had plenty of time to change lanes. As I was passing the group of cars, one of them swerved into my lane and side swiped me. I felt the impact and the car jolted to the right, but I was able to keep it in my lane and not into more traffic. I pulled over to survey the damage- some scratches and dents.

Today I took the van in to get repaired. The insurance company is giving me a loaner vehicle and when the nice gentleman dropped it off for me we noticed that it had 47 miles on it. FORTY SEVEN. As in “this van is brand new.” I think I might have had a look of horror on my face when the man informed me that I was the first person to use it. “It’s perfect,” he said with a smile. “No dents, no scratches, all the stickers are still on it. It’s brand new.” I forced a smile at his enthusiasm, but people, I HAVE THREE SMALL CHILDREN!! You can’t give me a brand new van?!?!? What are you thinking?!?!? This is such a bad idea!!!

Of course, I didn’t say all that. I just continued to smile as he handed me the keys. Don’t get me wrong, this van is nice. It’s so cushy and clean and shiny. I could drive it all day long. But kids are messy and sticky and all the things you don’t want in a brand new vehicle.

I drove it to work. It was splendid. I drove it home. It was grand. I saw the odometer pass 100. (odometer, people, not speedometer!) And then I got to the sitter and picked up the kids. We had a nice long talk about how this is not our van and we have to be super, super careful with it. No food. No drinks. No putting feet on the seats. In fact, no shoes!!!

I got them all in and that’s when they started to complain… ABOUT THE NEW CAR SMELL!! You know, the smell all new car owners wish they could bottle so their car would smell fresh and new for years. Big E especially hated the smell and was very disappointed that we would have the “smelly van” for a week.

And so begins the week of the “smelly van.” Wish us lots of luck and absolutely no spills!


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