06-29-17 Don’t Leave Me!!

“Don’t leave me!! Don’t leave me!!” Baby E screamed as he buried his face into my shirt. The children are spending the week with their grandparents, and I hadn’t seen them since Monday evening. I dropped by to say hello on my way home from work, and poor Baby E was disappointed not to be coming home with me. The kids are having fun at VBS and with Grandma and Grandpa, but I know it’s difficult for them to be away so long. I miss them and they miss us.

Big E spent a few moments of my visit taking everything out of his VBS bag and describing it in great detail. He is having a blast. C told me all about the new friends she has made, and how one of them is named Molly, but she tries not to confuse everyone when she is talking about her, because, you know, we have a cat named Molly. Ha!

I’m glad the kids are having such a great week, and I love that people have been sending me photos throughout the day so I get to see the kids having fun!

Big E is very proud of the bear he made the first day of VBS.

While cleaning up this evening, I found a few pieces of artwork that C made. They made me smile. 🙂 She draws so much better than I did at her age.

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