07-16-17 Weekends

Why must weekends fly by so quickly? I absolutely love having my babies home, and today we made a day of spending time together. Unfortunately Tim had to work, but I took the kids to church, home for pizza and nap time, and then we started our rock hiding adventure. We went to the stinky bridge and hid a few and then it was off to Starbucks (where we hid some more) and Mommy fueled up for the rest of the evening. Then we went to the park, hid some rocks, and played for awhile. McDonalds for dinner and then off to the beach for fun in the sand and water. Finally back home for playtime with some neighbors, watermelon for snack, and bedtime way too late!

Now it’s late and I have a pile of dishes to tackle before I get sleep, and while I’m exhausted, all the activity was worth every minute this weekend. Here’s to a fresh week and a new start. 🙂



They are growing way too fast!!


He insisted on hiding *all* of his rocks right next to his brother’s or sister’s. 


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