08-24-17 Cranky

It started the other day with a slight headache and a feeling of being tired. I chalked it up to being outside in the bright sun on Monday for the eclipse and figured it would go away. Tuesday I felt pretty much the same. And then yesterday I started to feel ‘off.’ I still had the headache, but I also felt like my chest was tight, like a panic attack, even though there were no triggers and I didn’t have any of the other symptoms. The best way to describe it was that I had the constant feeling that I had to yawn, but couldn’t finish the yawn.

I actually texted my husband before bed last night lamenting that I felt like a hypochondriac trying to figure out what was wrong with me. In the end, I decided a good night’s sleep might do the trick so I went to bed around 8:45 and slept 9.5 hours. I woke up with my headache and yawning sensation gone, but the fatigue still clung heavy on me. I stopped on the way to work and got a massive coffee in hopes to counteract the fog I was feeling. Besides feeling tired, I felt fine when I arrived, but after about an hour I started to feel cold, despite the fact I had turned the AC off in my office. And then my skin started to feel sensitive and sore, which is usually a sure fire sign that I’m running a fever. Without a thermometer, I had to ask people if I felt warm, and after a couple of confirmations, and an increasing amount of shivering I packed up and headed home and went straight to bed.

I woke up with a headache and a slight sore throat so I made an appointment at the urgent care. No ear infection and no strep, so hopefully this won’t stick around long. I’m just miserable enough to be cranky, so it is probably good that the kids are still with their grandparents! I’m heading to bed in a moment. Hopefully the morning will be better!


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