08-27-17 A Princess, a Monkey, and a Bumblebee

The kids were particularly quiet this morning as I was getting work done around the house. We had decided to stay home from church to spare anyone from any residual germs, and so we chose to continue our deep clean of the house. The kids were playing upstairs and when I finally went up I found C running around in a princess dress, while Baby E was half stuck in a bumblebee outfit. C asked me to help him get it on, and when it was finally over his giant head and the arms were where they were supposed to be, I realized that it was a dress. Oh well! It made me laugh. He went around the house buzzing for hours. Meanwhile Big E found a monkey costume that was three sizes too small, but he squeezed himself into it and it has become a new (old) favorite. I loved watching and hearing them entertain themselves sans screen time. Imaginations are the best!

This afternoon I took the two big kids to the grocery store with me, which if you know me, is pretty much against all my beliefs when it comes to grocery shopping, but like the awesome mom that I am, I promised them italian ice if they behaved. They did (for the most part) so they earned some dessert before dinner.

Tomorrow we begin our last full week before school starts. It is going to be so strange to have two of them in school, and I know I will be shedding some tears when the time comes! Until then I’m going to be squeezing in some extra cuddle time!


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