09-13-17 A Good+Bad Day and a PSA

This morning greeted us with gray skies and sprinkles. I don’t mind rain, other than the fact that it tends to add time to my commute, and this morning was no exception. After an hour and a half on the road, I finally pulled into my parking lot at work. A little while later I had a meeting in another building, and drove over. After the meeting I came out to find a $75 ticket on my windshield! Talk about a rough morning!!

But the rain stopped, and my ticket was voided (because they had entered my information in the computer wrong) and the day really started looking up. I got an unexpected phone call from my dad saying he was nearby and would like to meet for lunch, which is something we used to do every month or so, but hadn’t done in a year, so it was nice to get that time with him.

And tonight was Awanas at church, so the kids were very excited when I picked them up. We had a long conversation about what my expectations were with dropping them off, picking them up, and everyone getting to bed. I am always on the fence about letting them attend, (not because of the program, I love the program) but because it makes for a very late night for the kids, especially on a school night. But they understood the expectations, and much to my delight, they worked really hard and did a great job with everything. I was so proud of them. So, they earned another week at Awanas. At this point we are going to be taking at a week by week basis.

While I was at the church, I had the nice pleasure of staying in the nursery and became aware of a need in the church for workers in the nursery during Wednesday nights. If it is anything like tonight, there would be about a half dozen kids less than two years old. The kids are adorable, so if you can’t get enough of cuddling babies, there’s a job there for you!!

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