10-13-17 Pumpkin Patch

Since we haven’t been living in our house for a few weeks I’ve been trying to make our evenings as special as possible. With our schedules, that can be difficult, but that’s why we’ve been hitting the beach and participating in more activities lately. This evening the kids wanted to go to a nearby park and then the beach before heading home. The weather has turned dramatically cooler in the past few days, and our once bustling beach town has turned into a ghost town. There were a few kids at the park, but no one on the beach when we got there. It got dark so quickly, but the kids still enjoyed themselves.


Today was Big E’ first field trip. The kindergarteners all went to a local pumpkin patch. He had so much fun and couldn’t wait to tell me about his pumpkin, and how they almost got lost in the cornmaze. I love seeing him get so excited about things!


The farm he went to is one we have taken the kids to a couple of times over the years, so tonight I tracked down the photos from our previous visits and put them together. Wow, time flies! This is from 2012, 2015, and 2017.


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