10-30-17 Savage Misadventures


See that dark spot on the bench? Thankfully, that’s not blood, even though it kind of looks like it. It’s not water either. It’s soap. Why would I show you a picture of a park bench with a spot of soap? Why indeed.

Well, after I picked the kids up this evening they asked to go to the park nearest to our house. I agreed and when we got there the two older kids ran off to find friends to play with. Baby E swung in the baby swing for a few minutes and then he was content to follow me around as I walked. I found this bench to sit on and he decided to climb up next to me. As we sat there for a moment, he suddenly said, “I’m stuck.” He didn’t look stuck to me, I mean, he’s sitting on a bench. How could he possibly be stuck?

I guess Baby E thought it would be a good idea to stick his fingers in between the cracks of the park bench and two of them got stuck. REALLY, REALLY stuck. So stuck, I had a sinking feeling I’d be calling the fire department just to remove my child from a seemingly innocuous park bench. Thankfully the park is right in front of a Boys and Girls Club so I had Big E sit with Baby E as I inquired after some soap. A nice gentleman returned a few minutes later with soap and some help. It took three grown adults, a large amount of dish soap, and about 12 curious children to finally free Baby E from his park bench.



On Saturday we had to run some errands and we realized early on that we were all very hungry. There was a new restaurant in town, and we get pretty excited when we get new restaurants, because we have very limited choices. So on a whim, we decided to go. When we got there it was a little fancier than we expected (not very fancy, but fancier than we would normally take small children.) They showed us to our table and I noticed that the table seemed a little unsteady, but we didn’t think much of it. They took our order, brought us our drinks, and some hot soup. The kids were behaving very well and I was pretty pleased with how our outing was going.

That was until poor C leaned down on the table. That’s when we found out that the entire top of the table wasn’t attached to the base AT ALL. It came crashing down, thankfully not on top of her. The drinks and hot soup went flying through the air and landed squarely on C and me. We were absolutely drenched. The entire restaurant turns to see what the commotion was and there we were, sopping wet, smelling of soup. C started crying but I assured her that she didn’t do anything wrong. The restaurant workers came over and moved us to another table. The rest of lunch was pretty uneventful, but we left pretty smelly and disappointed in the whole experience.

Seriously, do these kinds of things happen to other people on a regular basis or are we just special? 🙂