11-05-17 Soapbox moment

Excuse me for a minute as I climb up on my soapbox. It’s a familiar one, I’ve been here before, but it’s been awhile so here goes! As I was getting the kids ready for church this morning, I grabbed a pair of jeans for Big E to put on. I checked the size and they were 5’s, which is what he is wearing now, but when he put them on they looked strange. They look to be about 2 inches too short, very narrow in the legs, and he was having a hard time buttoning them. All over, they just looked too tight. And that’s when it dawned on me, those weren’t his jeans. Those were an old pair of C’s jeans. I dug around his clothes and sure enough I found another size five, but one I was sure was his.


Let’s take a moment to compare both of these pairs of jeans. They are both size five, but that is pretty much where the similarities end. The jeans on the left, the ‘girl’ jeans are significantly tighter and shorter, while the ‘boy’ jeans on the right are longer, with wider legs.

So guys, the last time I checked, five year old girls are not any smaller than five year old boys, so what’s the deal?!?! I’ll tell you what, go to any store and try to find your young daughter jeans that aren’t skinny. Try to find her something modest. It’s tough. You will find plenty of leggings that are passed off as pants, and lots of skinny shirts and jeans. The skirts are short. The shorts are ridiculously short. Some of the necklines are low. The double standard in children’s clothing would be remarkable if it wasn’t so tragic.

For the longest time, C hated wearing jeans. I can see why. They must have been terribly tight and uncomfortable for her, even though they were labeled the correct size. This isn’t fair for our daughters, and it isn’t fair for the women they are going to become. I guess there’s not much I can do, but shout from my soapbox and shop for my daughter in the boys section, which will be happening the next time she needs clothes.

PS- this sweet fellow turns three tomorrow! Poor kid, last year his birthday was overlooked because I was recovering from surgery. This year we are moving out of our house, so it looks like we probably won’t be having a party for him. But this evening we did have his favorite meal (Ledo’s pizza) and we ended with some cupcakes! Happy Birthday tomorrow, my sweet boy. All the hugs and kisses!!


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