11-12-17 Hazel’s Gift

It has come to my attention that there has been worry over us leaving our home, so I wanted to take the opportunity to allay any concerns. We are not going bankrupt and we are not foreclosing on our house.

As you know, just over a year ago we had our miscarriage. In the months that followed, as we were piecing our world back together again, both Tim and I felt a tug and a heaviness that something in our lives had to change… and it had to be big. It was during this time that we stepped out in faith, and a plan was set in motion that has carried us to this day. And while our future story is coming into focus for us, I am not quite ready to share it here. It’s been a bumpy and emotional last few months, and watching my much loved home be emptied of our earthly possessions was difficult to see, but I don’t doubt it is for the best.

This is our gift from Hazel. Without her, we would have carried on… day in, day out- a monotony of time ebbing and flowing in a painstakingly familiar pattern. But Hazel was the catalyst, the reason we needed to examine our lives, and force us to step out in faith when our instinct is to stagnate in comfort. And so, we move forward- trusting a God who has gone ahead of us, knowing our new story is just beginning, and learning to embrace the unknown as it unfolds before us.

OutsideEphraims RoomMaster_1Kids RoomDownstairs BathMaster_2KitchenKitchen:DiningLiving Room_1StairsKids bathroomLiving Room_2Master BathDeck


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