11-19-17 The Park and the ‘Zoo’

Now that I have had a couple of days to process, the emotional roller coaster seems to be slowing down. I’m happy this will be a short work week, as we still haven’t caught up on our sleep. After church today we needed to run some errands, so I took the opportunity to get the kids to the park. However, I was not aware that the park closes at four now, so we got kicked out not long after we arrived. The kids were pretty disappointed, so I tried to remedy that with a trip to the local zoo (i.e.- Petsmart) and we wandered around there while Tim got his hair cut. The kids enjoyed looking at all the animals, and naturally I wanted to adopt every single cat I saw!

I’m really grateful that the chaos of the last few weeks is over. The kids are really liking living with their grandparents (mostly because they love them so much, but also because grandma makes really good cookies!)


I let Big E pick out his church clothes this morning. You can’t tell from this photo but he is wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, two suit vests (different colors) and a suit jacket. Oh, and he informed his class that he was wearing the same color underwear as his dad!! Ha!


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