11-21-17 “Happy Tanking!”

Traditions start somewhere, right?!? Well, I think the kids and I have a new tradition.

This evening I remembered that I needed to drop by the post office and check our box, so I parked nearby and we all got out. After our quick trip in, we decided to take a walk. It’s been cold lately so we haven’t been out much, but today was beautiful and I wanted to capitalize on the nice weather. We went to the local farm fresh store where the kids picked out more gigantic apples, some cherry tomatoes, and some peanuts. We took our purchase and walked down to the end of the pier for a picnic from our brown bag. The kids had a dance party and they ran around for a bit. Naturally it was too cold to stay out for too long, but it was a nice excuse for some exercise.

By the time we got back to the grandparents’ house we found out that some of the cousins were visiting, so the kids had a blast running around with them. They ran so much this evening that they should sleep well. 🙂

Tomorrow begins their Thanksgiving break and they are excited to be off of school for five whole days. 🙂


I’m guessing she was going for Thanksgiving on this one!



Dance Party!!


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