11-25-17 Debt

One of the things that Tim and I looked at as we decided to put our house on the market was the ability to pay off some of our debt with the money we would receive from the sale. Thankfully the sale was enough to do just that and this evening we paid off both of our vehicles. While I loved seeing the larger total sitting there in savings, I knew the money we would be saving each month on car payments would make a huge difference.

Tim and I have been very fortunate that we haven’t carried a whole lot of debt during our marriage. We decided early on that we didn’t want to rely on credit cards, and keeping our debt ratio low has been incredibly important to us. We’ve had student loans, car payments, and financing plans on appliances, but not much more than that.

But each time we get the chance to pay something off, it is such a wonderful feeling, so today is a day worth celebrating!


After spending the past few days with Tim’s family we decided to spend the day with mine. We joined them for lunch and then we did some browsing and shopping. The kids enjoyed the furniture store we visited that handed out free fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. 🙂 They also had a play area with slides and a tv. It was definitely the coolest furniture store I had ever been in. And no, it wasn’t Ikea!

I’ve started letting Big E dress himself more often, but this morning I picked out his clothes. I found his long sleeve Spiderman shirt and some slacks. However when we went to leave the house I noticed his coat looked extra puffy. That’s when I learned he decided to ‘enhance’ his outfit. So the first layer was still the spiderman shirt, but then he was wearing a suit vest. On top of the vest was a suit jacket. And on top of the jacket was a bright orange t-shirt. All of that was covered up by his winter coat. I smiled as he proudly stood in front of me. I love his sense of style and his bold choices! Ha ha!

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