11-29-17 Daddy Shirts

Some nights go incredibly smoothly- every one eats all their dinner, they play nicely together, they use their listening. And then there are nights when you get stabbed in the arm with a pencil.

Considering this was Wednesday night, I’ll let you guess which one it was!


Big E has a quirk, well to be honest he has several, but his current obsession is ‘Daddy Shirts.’ He LOVES to wear Tim’s shirts, even though they are obviously way too big on him. In fact, when I try to put him in his own clothes he throws a fit- he wants to wear daddy shirts and no pants. Sometimes I cave (with the shirts, not the no-pants) and tonight was one of those nights.

For awhile I couldn’t figure out what he liked about them, but then I realized that he enjoys watching the way the fabric moves when he runs. As soon as he gets a daddy shirt on he takes off across the room staring at his feet. He is also specific about which daddy shirt he wants to wear, and he definitely has his top three. This evening he learned that if he stood on top of the vent at church, his daddy shirt would fill with air and puff out.

So if you see him wandering around in oversized clothes, don’t judge. It’s a battle I’m not fighting, and while he might look ridiculous, he’s comfortable and it makes him feel closer to daddy, so I consider it a win. 🙂

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