12-12-17 Puppet Show

I was treated to some live theatre this evening. Just before bedtime C asked me if she could put on a puppet show. She got finger puppets at Moppets last night and couldn’t wait to put them to use, but I also think the prospect of delaying bedtime was also factored in.

I sat on the couch as she hid herself behind a chair. From there she proceeded to share the Christmas story with her little finger puppets. Parts of her story were up to artistic interpretation, like when Joseph and Mary kissed after finding out Mary was going to have a baby. But all in all, she kept pretty close to the story, which really warmed my heart. We try to teach our children, and we trust other people to teach them as well, but we aren’t always sure how much they are retaining. 🙂

After her performance, we all crawled into bed and I read a ton of stories with them. I’m trying to purpose to do this several times a week, since there are many nights we don’t even get to read because it is too late.

I definitely cherish our cuddly, book reading moments!

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