12-15-17 Holiday Party

Today was a rare day indeed. There are a few days a year that my kids get to visit my work and today was one of them as we enjoyed the office holiday party. The day started off with a scavenger hunt, some coloring, and a hot cocoa bar. It started to snow and sleet outside, so the walk to the restaurant was cold, but when we got there we enjoyed some wonderful food, the most awesome door (see photos), live music (one of my co-workers plays the cello beautifully), and some crafts and games. The kids made friends quickly with the other children and within moments they were dancing onstage to the holiday music.

The highlight of C’s day was that she wrote and directed a short play for everyone to watch. She sat down and wrote a script, then she recruited some of the kids, asked the emcee to announce her play, and then directed the performance. I walked that line of whether or not I should intercede, but I was impressed with her courage so I just watched it unfold. My co-workers were great and very encouraging to her, and it certainly helped that all the kids were adorable. 🙂 I wish I had gotten a video of it.

Big E’s favorite part of the day was dancing on the stage. Who knew he was such a little performer?

And naturally they enjoyed trying all the deserts, making some crafts, and building a gingerbread house. By the time the party was over they were exhausted and Big E fell asleep on the way home, which took two hours because of the weather.


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