12-17-17 The Door

We don’t have a Christmas tree this year. It’s the first year we have not had one. When we moved, we put all of our Christmas stuff in storage, and since we are still living among boxes it doesn’t make sense to put one up. And because my in laws have a beautiful one right upstairs, the kids don’t seem to even mind that we don’t have one of our own. Grandma has already started putting presents under her tree, but we will wait until the kids go to bed on Christmas eve to put theirs there.

In the meantime, I chose a door in the basement to start hanging our Christmas cards and the very sight of it makes me exceedingly happy. Despite the cold and the considerable darkness, this really is one of my favorite times of the year. How could it not be?

This evening I worked on some presents, addressed Christmas cards, and even baked cookies. I have a short week at work and then a break over the holidays and I am really looking forward to it!


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