12-19-17 Tuesday Night Rambles…

It’s been just over a month since we sold our house. Baby E keeps asking to go back and I keep reminding him that we don’t live there anymore. Then he asks if we can go back when the people that are living there now are done. Poor kid, he really misses it. I miss it too, but not as badly as I thought that I would. Tim’s been working a different schedule lately, and I really love not being in a house by myself. On top of that, drop off and pick up of the kids is going much easier than I had anticipated.

In the evenings, I have been making sure to take extra time with the kids at bedtime. We have been spending about a half an hour each night just sitting in their bed reading stories. They are currently obsessed with a book that has a ton of short stories in it, and we have been randomly choosing which stories to do each night. There have even been a few nights when I wasn’t much up to reading, and C offered to do it for me. I can’t believe I have a kid that is old enough to take on story time! It happened so quick!

I let the kids pick out presents for each other this year, so we sat down at the computer and perused Amazon for some ideas. I let Big E do his ‘shopping’ the other day and C did hers tonight. I was amused that they both picked out the same thing for each other- but it actually worked out well because it was a puzzle/trivia/game thing that they had available in both kindergarten and second grade, so they will each get one that is age and skill appropriate. But seriously, what were the chances that would happen?

Well, I’ve rambled a lot and I am super tired, so I guess it is goodnight! 🙂

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