12-31-17 Sand

For Christmas I got a handful of books that I had asked for, one of which was Sand by Hugh Howey. I had read his Wool series a couple of years ago and enjoyed them immensely. Wool was a post apocolypic series that took place in the vast expanses of underground silos. The world above had been destroyed leaving the only survivors living in tall structures buried beneath an unihabitable wasteland. 

Sand takes place in a completely different timeline and environment. While it was not as detailed and epic as the Wool series, it was highly enjoyable. Instead of being trapped underground, the protagonists live above a destroyed and sand ravaged landscape. They spend their time sand diving in hopes of discovering the lost cities of the gods from long ago, the ones who lived before the Earth was consumed by the unrelenting sand and wind. 

As for many authors in the genre you need to be prepared for some language, but other than that Hugh Howey’s writing style is superb. If you enjoy thrillers or science fixtion, I highly recommend this author. (But start with Wool.) Trust me, you’ll be hooked! (I finished Sand in just a few days.) ☺️

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