01-15-18 Remember the Mummy-Monster

By now you have no doubt forgotten about the incident this past fall when Baby E had an unfortunate encounter with a ‘mummy monster’ at the local CVS as we waited for our turn at the minute clinic. While you might have forgotten, he certainly has not. The Mummy Monster has become a regular in our bedtime routine as Baby E’s number one reason for not wanting to sleep in his bed. This evening, he murmured the dread name between tearful gasps as he begged to sleep in my bed. Now I really don’t mind one of the kids finding their way into my bed in the middle of the night, especially if Tim isn’t home, but I insist they start in their own bed at night. I laid with him for awhile, explaining that the Mummy Monster was not real and it was not going to get him, and Big E even agreed to let Baby E wake him whenever he needs to to make sure there’s no monster nearby. Big E beamed with that big brother pride that told me he looked toward to his new responsibility.

With the long weekend over, we slip back into our routines again tomorrow. We enjoyed our visit out to the new house. The kids played video games with Aunt Julie, and did their own fair share of hide and seek. We didn’t do much running around, opting to stick close to the house and rest. The ride home this evening was uneventful, and bedtime went smoothly, with the kids reading a whopping 13 books before brushing their teeth. That brings their total up to 47. 🙂

I’m so grateful for the long weekend and the chance to spend it with my family, and I’m also looking forward to short work week ahead. 🙂

PS- Bring on the snow!!

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