02-16-18 A Lost Day

This morning I woke up early to get the kids ready for school. When I finally got them to their daycare, I made the final decision that I was going to stay home. I still wasn’t feeling well, and I knew I wasn’t up to going in. So I came home and went to bed. And I slept until almost noon. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I knew I should eat, so I had some lunch and went straight back to bed and slept until 3. When I finally crawled out of bed I was feeling much better. My fever is completely gone now and except for a minor sore throat and being tired, all the other symptoms are gone. Finally. This has been a long week and I am so grateful to have a weekend to spend with my family and get a little more rest.

Hopefully things can settle back to normal tomorrow. I’ve missed cuddling with my kids and enjoying my family.

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