03-01-18 The Calm

I looked out the window a few minutes ago and noticed how very still the trees are right now. There’s promise of a powerful windstorm tomorrow, but the first signs of it haven’t reached us yet. I hate wind storms. I remember a time when C was very young and Big E was just a baby. I had put C down to sleep in her room and gone downstairs. My mom had come for a visit and we were sitting talking when we heard the wind pick up. I hadn’t been watching the news, so I had no idea anything unusual was happening, I just figured it was the start of a storm.

As we sat there, the wind got stronger and stronger, to the point that it was impressive in it’s ferocity. C slept calmly in her room as we debated moving her downstairs. The house was shaking and the trees were whipping violently in the yard. I was starting to get worried.

But as quickly as it started it was over. We lost power for several days, and by the time we heard from civilization again, I had learned a new word- deracho. It’s the only time I have ever experienced it, but I now compare all windstorms to that one.

The thing about storm prediction is that you never know how much of it is ratings hype, and how much of it is for real, but hopefully tomorrow won’t be too bad, as I’m dreading a commute through high winds. If only it was a snowstorm instead. I could definitely get behind that!

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