03-04-18 Motherhood can be disgusting…

Motherhood definitely has it’s disgusting moments. I mean, the entire birthing process is pretty unsightly no matter how the baby comes out, but seriously that is just the beginning. With seven and a half years of parenting under my belt, I’ve got my own laundry list of gross moments.

  • The time C threw up hotdogs in the middle of the night and it all ended up in her hair and I had to clean it out.
  • The time Baby E projectile vomited on me, completely drenching me twice in one day.
  • The multiple times I’ve gotten one of my children’s poop on me because they move when I’m wiping them.
  • The blow out diapers that somehow reach their hair. (how does that even happen?!?)
  • One of the sick kids coughing in my open mouth.

And today, I added one to the list. Baby E has been doing awesome potty training. He’s a champ at it, and this afternoon he peed in his training potty. I took the pee filled bowl to the toilet to empty it out. As the pee poured into the toilet it splashed up and hit me… ON THE LIPS!! Are you listening to me?!? Nasty toilet bowl pee water splashed onto my mouth!! I have never been so happy in my life that my mouth was closed, but there wasn’t enough soap in the world to make my lips feel clean again. Gag. Yuck. Ugh!! That was disgusting.

Now it’s your turn… I’d love to hear some of your disgusting or gross parenting stories. Let’s start this week off with some smiles… pee-free smiles, if possible!!

Since I have no pictures from today, here are a couple from when we visited the great grandparents the other night at their hotel. They were in town for vacation and we got to see them on our way out to the new house. The kids enjoyed their time with them, and this evening as I put Baby E to bed he told me he can’t wait to visit them. I hope we can do it in the next few months.


One thought on “03-04-18 Motherhood can be disgusting…

  1. Madison had an issue with vomiting after milk feeding. I’m talking full on exorcist. She finally got me one time as I was planning to go out. We about to walking out the door and the BAM, milk vomit head to boots. Had to shower, change and redo hair and everything. No cool kid.


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