03-10-18 Ramblings

There’s an order to superhero movies. I know this because my husband only lets me watch them in a certain order. I’ve fallen behind, so this evening we took a step towards catching up and watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We pulled the tv super close to the television, turned down the lights, and settled in for a nice movie night.

We had a good day with the kids. We came out to the new house last night and got to bed late. Baby E woke up around 2am with a dry cough that kept him awake. Eventually I let him crawl in bed with us, and I didn’t get much sleep after that. We all woke up super early.

It’s strange that back home, it is rather difficult to get Baby E to take a nap, but when we come to the new house he will tuck himself away for a nap every day we are here. He does it on his own. In fact today he gave himself two naps. He also learned this evening that he loves roast beef and gobbled down a larger dinner than he has managed for weeks.

The kids got to play outside for awhile today. It has always been too cold on our previous visits for the kids to get out much, but they certainly enjoyed it today.

Sorry that this has been a rambling post! Good night, friends!


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