03-12-18 My Littlest Savage

Baby E has been having a rough few weeks. He has been dealing with some pretty strong separation anxiety as of late. I think it initially started when Big E started school, but it has progressively gotten worse. It’s difficult for me to leave his line of sight without him getting upset, which is obviously challenging seeing as I go to work each day. I think part of his silent treatment last week was owing to that. This week my mother in law offered to watch him for the week to give him a break from daycare and a chance to reset. I’m hoping it makes a difference, but it was hard leaving the house this morning hearing him cry and scream after me. He cheered up quickly, but I wasn’t there for that part.

Tomorrow morning the kids have a dentist appointment, which means I’ll sneak in a little extra time with him before I head to work.

Dear friends, I’m going to be honest with you here… It might not be a popular opinion, but sometimes being a working mom stinks. When I look at my kids as I drop them off for some one else to raise, it hurts. When I miss out on field trips and school activities, it hurts. And when my baby screams for me to take him with me, it hurts.

So I try to make the time I have with them count. That’s why I push for beach visits and library nights. I can’t give them all the time and experiences that I wish I could, but I can give what I can. So I will.

Wish me luck at the dentist in the morning… It should be an adventure!

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