03-14-18 Time Change

“I love this time change,” I keep reminding myself as my children are still adjusting. Every morning brings a new meltdown, and every evening brings fresh tears. But I know this will get better. This evening I had the kids all ready for church when Big E slipped and fell and got a scrape on his back and everything went downhill. He was inconsolable, which caused Baby E to become so as well and as they screamed and cried, I counted the hours until Tim would be home. In the end, I decided we would stay home, especially after I saw Baby E give a big yawn.

But just wait until the weather warms and we won’t even remember the rough week that we have had. The longer evenings will bode us well when we are walking along the boardwalk or sinking our toes in the sand at the beach. So for the next few weeks we will grit our teeth, smile, and plow ahead.

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