03-28-18 The Cul-de-sac

When we lived in the townhouse, it was a very easy thing to go for a walk. The stinky bridge was only a short distance, and we were often outside on pleasant evenings. The grandparents live off of a side street from a very busy road with no shoulder, so going for long walks around here just isn’t an option. This evening, however, I decided that we would at least venture to the nearby cul de sac. After dinner, we got our shoes back on and headed out. The weather was a little chilly and slightly drizzly, but it didn’t keep us from walking up the hill and to our destination. When we got there, the kids enjoyed running around and having fun. They started re-enacting scenes from Mario Odyssey, a sure fire sign they’ve been playing too many video games at the new house, and Baby E did his rendition of Moana… again.

As I stood there watching my children it occurred to me that it was the exact same cul de sac their father had run around for the majority of his childhood. I imagined him there with his siblings, and I smiled that my kids were doing the same.

They ran hard until they were exhausted and we headed home for homework and bedtime. Little did they know what a special thing had just happened. 🙂

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