03-31-18 Recovery Day 2

Baby E woke up this morning still without a fever. Keeping him in solitary was harder today, as he felt so well and kept arguing that he didn’t have ‘the flu’ and that he wasn’t sick. Tim took the big kids out so that we wouldn’t have to try to separate them quite so much. Baby E watched tv, took a bath, and we went for a walk and played with bubbles. We are pretty bummed that the flu fell during the Easter weekend as it means that we are missing out on a lot of family activities. The kids missed a cousin’s birthday party this morning, and it looks like we will probably miss celebrating Easter with all the cousins tomorrow.

I made a trip to the store this evening and got a few things for their Easter baskets and I am looking forward to putting them together once the kids are asleep. I’m actually typing this in my bedroom because Baby E will not let me out of his sight. He has been clinging to me constantly since he got sick, and especially today.


I wanted to give you a heads up with the situation with C. The school counselor called me the other day and we got the chance to discuss what had happened. There was a little girl at school that thought C was being mean to her one day. C said she wasn’t trying to be, but I don’t know the exact circumstances of what happened. However the little girl told C that she was going to go home and tell her mom about C and that her mom was going to kill C. This is a girl that C is friends with, but often has problems with the girl treating her badly. Anyway, C honestly thought that the girl’s mom was going to kill her and was worried about it, until one day when the girl’s mom came to school and C figured out that she was nice and wasn’t going to kill her. Naturally we as adults know that is a metaphor, but C didn’t and it breaks my heart that she was scared like that. The counselor talked to both C and the other little girl and I am waiting to hear what the outcome is. Apparently this happened awhile ago, and I stressed to C the importance of telling us things like this so that they can be dealt with immediately.


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