04-06-18 Friday Night Rambles

“Dear God,” C said as she began her prayer. “I pray that we have a good night’s sleep tonight and that the people on the other side of the world are having a good day!” 

I finally saw my first daffodils this afternoon. They are my favorite flower, mainly because they used to grow in abundance around the farm house I grew up in. Daffodils remind me of my childhood. Honey suckle reminds me of my grandmother. And hydrangeas remind me of my wedding day. Those are my favorite plants.


I’m currently listening to the audiobook version of Moby Dick. As much as I love reading classics, this is a novel I have never gotten through. I started it years ago, and even though I enjoyed it, I never finished it. So I decided to loan it from the library and listen to it during my commutes. If you have never read Moby Dick, you are missing out on a literary masterpiece. It is easily one of the most quotable books I have ever read, and the turn of language is stunningly alluring. I challenge you to spend a few hours with Melville, and not walk away mesmerized.

I read a little backstory on Moby Dick this evening and I learned that the book was a literary failure in its time, and that by the time Melville died, it was no longer in print. What a tragedy for him to have never known its outcome. I’m leaving a few quotes that a quick google search revealed, which barely scratches the surface of this incredible novel.

herman-melville-384084moby-dickquote-truly-to-enjoy-bodily-warmth-some-small-part-of-you-must-be-cold-for-there-is-no-quality-herman-melville-37-86-94quote-of-all-the-preposterous-assumptions-of-humanity-over-humanity-nothing-exceeds-most-of-herman-melville-34-90-73moby 3moby 2moby 1



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