04-10-18 The Bad Dream

I heard screaming coming from the kids’ area when I turned off the faucet this morning from washing my hair. I quickly deciphered that it was Big E calling for me.

“Mommy!! I had a bad dream!” he exclaimed as I came near.

I laid down with him in his bed and tried to console him. “Do you want to tell me about your dream?”

“Not in front of Baby E or C,” he replied. So I led him to my room so he could tell me in private.

Based on the fact he didn’t want his siblings to hear, I was a bit worried about what his dream might have been. He sat next to me on my bed and between sobs, he told me this story…

“I had a dream that you had a big party. *sob* There were lots of people there. *sob* They all started telling you how great you were. *sob* And I wanted to give you a hug, but they wouldn’t let me get near you!!!”

Among all the possibilities of monsters, sharks, or ghosts, I was not expecting that. I looked down at my sweet boy as he cuddled up against me. His bad dream was that he couldn’t get a hug from me.

I held him tight and reminded him that in real life, I am always happy for a hug from my best big boy. He looked up and smiled at me, that sweet smile that only Big E can do. We sat together for a while. I pulled out my phone and found the pictures of the day he was born and we scrolled through them. We laughed at his angry-just-born grimaces, and pointed out all the people that came to meet him. He took to this quickly and his nightmare was quickly forgotten. 🙂

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