04-13-18 The Tale of the Shoes

We were running late this morning when I asked the kids to put on their shoes. Big E put his on right away and I got Baby E in his, but C just stood there looking around.

“I can’t find my shoes,” she said.

I looked as well and they were nowhere to be seen.

“They are probably in the van. You’ll just have to walk barefoot and put them on when you get in the van,” I replied as I hurriedly grabbed the things we would need for the day. I sent the kids out and a few minutes later joined them. They got in their car seats and put on their seat belts. We were ready to pull out of the driveway when C piped up that her shoes weren’t in the van either. Uh oh.

I looked at the clock. We were late. Really late. Like “we need to leave now or you are going to miss the bus” late. Where were her shoes?!?

Oh. No.

The beach. They must be at the beach. We had taken our shoes off at the beach last night and when we headed back to the van, we carried them so we wouldn’t fill them with sand. When we got to the van, we took a few minutes to clean off the remaining sand from our legs and feet. She had set her shoes down to do that and when she was clean, she had climbed into the van.

But what if they aren’t there??? She needs shoes. The problem is she only has one pair of shoes. ONE!

I ran inside and looked around the house in the vain hope we had just overlooked them. While there my eyes landed on the ONLY other footwear C owns… her snow boots.

Now guys, this was the hottest day we have had this calendar year. We peaked at 89 degrees, and if didn’t find C’s shoes at the beach, her only option was snow boots. I grabbed them and booked it to the car, mentally calculating the time it would take to make it to the beach and then to the bus stop.

When I flung the door open and tossed the boots to C, “If we can’t find your shoes, you are wearing these!!” She looked mortified. I hopped in the driver’s seat and made our way to the beach. “What am I going to do?” She whimpered from the back seat. “Pray! Pray your shoes are at the beach!” She nodded, and I wouldn’t doubt whispered an earnest prayer skyward.

And there they were, C’s nearly worn out pink tennis shoes taking up an entire parking spot. I hopped out and grabbed them. They were dry, and clean- no worse for wear for their night in the elements. I handed them to a very thankful, happy little girl who spared no time in sliding them on. Crisis averted, but with our detour to the beach, we missed the bus. Thankfully we were able to stop at another bus stop on the same route and there we waited.

If it hadn’t been a Friday morning, I would have dreaded the rest of the week. 🙂

This evening after work, we picked up Molly and brought her to the new house. She is settling in pretty quickly and we are all happy to have her with us! She did great on the car ride, and though she hid in the bathtub for awhile, she is now out and about investigating.

Welcome home, Molly!!


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